Spinera SUP5 High Pressure 12V/Battery SUP Pump


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Spinera High Pressure 12V Pump, 18 PSI

Material: ABS ( Orange and Black color )
Voltage: DC 12V
Pressure: 0-16 PSI
Accessories: Hose 100cm / AC charger
Power: 110W(A) 100W(B)
Battery capacity: Lithium battery, 6000mAH
airflow: 350(A)L/min 70(B)L/min * inflate and deflate
Product Size: 25.2*17.4*13.3mm
Weight: 8.88KGS
Advantage: LCD screen, inflate and deflate, Rechargeable battery, LVD light

Inflation time 10.10 Sup 15cm:
for 10 PSI - about 10 minutes
for 15 PSI - about 15 minutes

+ about 1 minute for each additional PSI

for 18 PSI - about 20 minutes