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Caratteristiche Prodotto

Azienda e marca:


Seabag is a circular handbag made in italy, an idea built around the concept of utility, where originality and innovative design go hand in hand.

It is the first bag on the market with a flexible hinge - Tizip - of 500 millibars able to withstand water pressure and impenetrable to dust.

Made using high frequency technology, it does not have seams and is totally hermetic.

Seabag conforms to IP69 standard can be immersed underwater up to 6 mt. of depth for more than 48 hours.

Underwater as under the rain is the safe protection for personal effects.

Versatile, handy, but above all useful, it's used in bike, motorbike and other sports.

That you use it to go hiking in the mountains, the sea, in the city to go to work, your personal belongings kept in Seabag will always be dry.

Traveling wherever you take your adventure is the indispensable bag! Useful to the sea and for those who practice water sports protect from theft the inseparable personal effects (smartphones, mini tablets, passports, wallets, camera, keys and glasses)

The new model is now supplied as standard with braces and belt!


TIZIP technology
It uses a specially designed watertight hinge called TIZIP, able to withstand water pressure up to 500 millibars
Totally Watertight can be immersed in water up to 6 meters deep for over 48 hours (according to IP69 standards)
Protects the theft from personal belongings, allowing you to always carry with you.
Seabag is a patent utility model n.0000282681